Spokane, Washington

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Peggy Conrad Betty Jo Cook

“Pretty in Pink”

Elaine Syth

“I Only Have Eyes for You”

Jeanne Wallace

“Fire and Ice”

Sherri Thies

“Misty Quinault”

Kim Gardell

“Solo Performance”

Peggy Conrad

“Flip Floppin’”

Linda Smith

“China Gold”

Bonnie Whinnen

“Parrots in Green”

Betty Jo Cook

“The Invinceable”

Vicki West

“Sunflower Bouquet”

Gay Witherspoon


Dian Allison

“Flying Tulips”

Susan Downes

“Tropical Fish”

Mary Laughlin

Sue Rohrback

“Royal Cavalier”

Sue Rohrback

“Bob’s Garage”

John Kirkland

Noreen Simonson

Noreen Simonson

“Magical Moment”

Bobbie Wieber

Judy McKeehan Craig Whitcomb

“Off to the Races”

Craig Whitcomb

Susan Downes Valerie Woelk

“Waterhole Color”

Valerie Woelk

Bari Cordia Federspiel

“Eat Your Words”

Bari Cordia Federspiel

“Mercato San Remo”

Janice Puente

“The Whitening”

Susan Parker Ferguson

Susan Parker Ferguson Vicki West Elaine Syth Joy Gruenewald

“The Glory of the Colorado River”

Joy Gruenewald

Judy McKeehan

“Jelly Beans”

Oral Carper

John Kirkland Sherri Thies Bonnie Whinnen Bobbie Wieber Oral Carper Kim Gardell Elise Beattie

“Summer Social”

Elise Beattie